The Rebranding Journey of Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants

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From the beginning

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but for Ida Colby and her business partner Jennifer Steckly, it was a necessity. Ten years ago, they found themselves struggling to provide the level of service they wanted for their clients. As two managers at a mid-sized firm in Edmonton, they were constantly collaborating on technical issues and client services, but their vision was limited by the structure of their workplace. It was then that Ida and Jennifer decided to take the leap and start their own business. Fast forward to now, they are still in business together, thriving and delivering quality services to their clients.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why Colby Steckly has re-invented themselves with a new, fresh brand and the big exciting changes that are in the works!

The Rebranding Journey of Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants to Eleion Professional Group.

Colby Steckly is rebranding, and it was a necessary step to reflect the growth and evolution of the business. The decision to transition to Eleion, a name that better represents the team and their expanded services, was not made overnight. In fact, it was something that had been in the works for quite some time.

As the business grew and more team members came on board, it became clear that the Colby Steckly name no longer accurately represented the team or the services they provide. They wanted a name that would reflect their commitment to helping their clients achieve their business goals and reflect their expanded offerings beyond traditional accounting services.

The name Eleion Professional Group was chosen to reflect the team’s passion for helping clients grow and succeed. It’s a name that represents strength and stability; two values that are essential in the financial industry. With a new name, Colby Steckly is now transitioning to Eleion Professional Group, a name that represents the company’s commitment to innovation and growth.

Rebranding involved more than just changing the name. The team also worked on changing their messaging and marketing to reflect their new identity. They wanted to make it clear that they were more than just an accounting firm, and were focused on helping their clients succeed in every aspect of their business.

The transition to Eleion was not just a change in name, but a significant shift in the company’s approach to doing business. With a renewed focus on supporting their clients’ growth and achieving their business goals, Eleion is poised to take on new and exciting opportunities. The team is excited to continue to provide their clients with exceptional service and support as they move forward with their new brand.

From Chartered Professional Accountants to a Professional Group

Eleion Professional Group is committed to providing personalized and professional services to their clients. While they still offer accounting services, the team has expanded their offerings to include consulting and other services to support their clients better.

As part of this expansion, the team has rebranded as a Professional Group to reflect the diverse range of services they now offer. While accounting is still a core service, the team recognizes that their clients need support in many other areas to grow and succeed.

The vision of Eleion Professional Group is to create a community of professionals that their clients can turn to for whatever services they need. This includes not just financial services, but also business evaluation and marketing support, among others. By bringing together a team of experts, Eleion Professional Group strives to be well-equipped to support the goals and vision of their clients.

The move to become a Professional Group is about more than just a name change. It’s a reflection of the team’s commitment to providing exceptional service to their clients. They recognize that businesses need more than just basic accounting services to succeed, and they are dedicated to providing the support and guidance that their clients need to thrive.

The Big Vision For Eleion Professional Group

As an organization, it’s important to have a vision for the future. For Eleion Professional Group, that vision is big. The goal is to develop a professional collective of companies from all four pillars of business: human resources, finance, operations, and marketing. By creating this collective, Eleion hopes to help other businesses take their operations to the next level and achieve their big goals.

“We’re already a pre-approved training office for future CPAs, and it’s great to see some of our current students work towards growing into the next partners of our firm. Eleion’s business model is different, and that’s why we’re a sought-after place to train as an accounting professional. Eleion wants to take this same approach and expand it to other business areas.” says partner, Jennifer Steckly.

Working collaboratively and as a community is something that Eleion Professional Group values, and believes that creating a community that allows for professional growth will be incredibly beneficial. Eleion is excited about the possibilities that the future holds, and is committed to continuing to innovate and expand their services to better serve Eleion’s clientele by elevating their businesses and championing their numbers.

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