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Small Business Accounting and Tax

Do I need a CPA?

Basic return prep can be performed by your H&R blocks of the world, Accountants come into play when you need more than that. As Accountants we provide value-added services above and beyond simply completing your return. From our continuous professional development, to our high ethical standards, we excel at supporting your business success not just doing your tax return. When looking to get some work done you may think to yourself, “Can I do my corporate or personal return at a walk-in place, quick and cheap or do I need a designated professional accountant?”- I’m here to help you make that decision:

What AND Why – Accountants are there to sit down and explain your return to you in addition to answering any questions you may have over the course of the year. Without a designated accountant, you are paying for only the product (completed return), and none of the value adding services that come with maintaining a professional relationship. Your Accountant your partner supporting you every step of the way.

Year-round commitment – Having a professional accountant in your corner that knows your situation year over year is a huge advantage over the alternative. Professional accountants are there to assist you in decision-making throughout the year, keep tabs on your performance and tax obligations, in addition to completing and explaining period end reporting.

Long-term benefits – Establishing a relationship with a professional accountant will allow for you and your accountant to learn and grow together in a way that will benefit your bottom line. As time goes on your accountant will learn more about you, your habits, your business and your family becoming better and better equipped to meet your current needs and predict your future needs.

Peace of mind – Hiring a real accountant provides you with the peace of mind needed to operate your business and/or daily life. You don’t need to worry about CRA or if your reporting was done properly, let us take care of the aspect of business that you don’t want to do. The less you must think about tax or reporting, the more you can put into what you like doing and growing your business.

In short, a real accountant is equipped to serve your best interest in the short and long term through constant professional development, developing and maintaining a relationship, an obligation to act ethically, avoid and manage CRA issues, and be a valuable resource for your needs all year round.

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