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Great people that provide a great service. Very happy working with Jennifer and her team over the last few years and would recommend to anyone.
Very professional, thorough and prompt service. Will mary both personal and business needs for maximum benefit.
Love the team at Colby-Steckly! Jennifer is very responsive and knowledgeable. As a small business owner, it is very helpful to have her in my corner and her amazing team backing us up.

The accounting techs have helped me problem solve especially as I was hiring my first employee and figuring out payroll etc.

Jen was also great at helping us transfer our accounting services from BC to AB for my husband’s Corp, too. One stop shop for all your accounting needs. They also help with bookkeeping services!
I've been working with Jennifer and her team at Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants for many years now and I have nothing but good things to say about their accounting services. Jennifer always makes the time to address any questions or concerns I have during the year and I'm confident that she does everything she can to help me save on taxes. I've referred many people to Jennifer Steckly and they have all been very happy as well.
Jennifer has handled all our business and personal taxes for a few years now. She always provide us with great advice, and make sure our tax returns are completed on a timely basis. She is always there to answer any of our questions. We have been so happy with the services we receive.
Jennifer is a wonderful accountant and helps us with any questions we have about our financials for our small business. We appreciate her suggestions and she follows up regularly with us. Would recommend her to others.
Jennifer Steckly and her team have always been very professional and available to assist with any questions. The team always gets the job done in a quick and efficient way. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer and her team to any small or large company looking for an accountant.
Great organization, tailors the services to needs of clients. Have recommended the organization to many. Easy to work with, friendly, fast, and accurate. Very accessible and comfortable office as well.
We have been using Colby Steckly since incorporating our business 5 years ago and I am a firm believer, behind every successful business, is an amazing team of accountants helping guide that business. Jennifer, Ida and the rest of the team have always made time to provide answers to our every question and always be available when needed.
I can always count on Jennifer for reliable advice. She really goes beyond what a CPA would do. Colby Steckly is a valuable member of our business team.
Excellent team. Quick to respond. Detail oriented and with tons of experience. They are the best professional accounting firm.
Hands down the best accountant in YEG. I’ve given a number or referrals and every one has been impressed by their professionalism and quality service.
Great communication, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very helpful and always willing to provide suggestions for streamlining/improving my business accounting.
Working with Jennifer gives me such piece of mind. She is an expert! Professional and excellent service at this firm.
Excellent experience at Colby Steckly, staff are are friendly and respond quickly to concerns. Especially satisfied with our accountant, Candy Lam, who has been thorough and knowledgeable in managing our account.
Colby Steckly has always been there for us. Jennifer is amazing at what she does. If you’re in need of their services you can do no wrong by choosing Colby Steckly.
Highly recommend to everyone - very helpful and professional team that are always available to make sure you are successful!
Fantastic accounting services, consistently valuable advice, and an easy recommend to anyone looking to offload the stress of accounting.
Colby and Steckly has helped me stay on top of my business needs. They respond to emails and phone calls very quickly, and I couldn’t be happier with their services. 5 start.
Great service! Always helpful and friendly.
They are friendly, professionals , and caring , the best that I have worked with!
Very easy to work with and are very helpful
Great service, great knowledge.
Great people, great service, great advice
Amazing staff who cares about their clients. I try to do as much myself as possible with the bookkeeping and accounting for our personal and business taxes and end up asking them A LOT of questions. They are always very patient and helpful and respond very promptly. I also love that they send out reminder and check-in e-mails as sometimes my good intentions of getting tax stuff done and submitted don’t always pan out so their dedication to keeping in touch is something that sets their services and above and beyond in my opinion.
Jennifer Steckly has handled our business and personal taxes for a few years now. We had some negative experiences with other accounting companies but once we started to work with Jennifer, we really learned what a professional accountant should be. Year end is a breeze and our efficient team there is super easy to communicate with. Highly recommend Colby Steckly for business and personal needs.
Jennifer and her team are helpful and responsive. Tax planning as a small business owner can be challenging, but the team has always taken the time to explain things thoroughly and answer my questions in detail.

Their office is clean and organized, they run completely paperless, and they have good digital security measures in place. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses in Edmonton that are looking for a competent accounting firm.
Ida is always there to answer any questions that we have. She makes sure we stay on top of our business and the best part is she explains everything. She takes the time and makes sure my wife and I both understand what she is talking about! We are so happy we found them!
Candy is an incredible accountant, and has always given my small business five star service. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company who has such a high standard of customer service.
Candy is an outstanding accountant she is very knowledgeable and she will help you with all aspect of CRA rules. Give her a call and you will not regret.
We recently switched accountants and couldn’t be happier. Jen and her team provide a very high level of communication, are responsive and really go above and beyond for their clients. We were very apprehensive to make the change however they made the process seamless and looking back I wish we would have done this a lot sooner.
Been seeking the expertise of this group for a few years now. Solid group, know there stuff and are definitely my accountants for life.
Ida and Jennifer have definitely created a unique accounting firm. If you are looking for a fresh take on accounting from an innovative and professional team, Colby Steckly is a great solution for all your accounting needs.
I would like to thank Colby Steckly for their help with my taxes! They were amazing to deal with and very helpful in answering all of my questions. Ida and Jennifer are true experts, the process was smooth and seamless, and the communication was fantastic. Their team is very knowledgeable and replies fast, a pleasure to work with. The best experience I have received from an accounting firm in Edmonton.
This recommendation is for Ida Colby of Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants

I have been fairly spoiled as an adult with a business to have a father-in-law and a step-father who have completed my taxes for me year after year. So, when I was being faced with the decision of who I would choose when left without a family member as an option, I had no hesitation when choosing Ida Colby of Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants. Not once has Ida or her team made me feel like a leper when I drop off incomplete paperwork or when I give them a completely blank stare at the accounting questions they are asking. I had been hand-held for so long that I had no idea how to interact with an accountant whom I wasn’t related to! More than being an accounting firm with my best interest at heart, they have been infinitely kind to me in my personal life, as well. I will not only tell my friends and family about the wonderful team of Colby Steckly Chartered Professional Accountants, I will go out of my way to tell strangers, too! They have a lifetime client, friend, and advocate in me. THANK YOU!
Colby Steckly is a remarkable firm with the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in an accounting firm. Jennifer is super knowledgeable and her attention to detail is impeccable.
I am beyond satisfied. FANTASTIC work and detail oriented which is exactly what I want from someone handling my tax returns. Thank you.
Very helpful and knowledgeable. I had many questions about taxes related to my small business and never once did I feel stupid for asking them. Very professional!
Getting my taxes done here was a simple and stress free process , they were very organized and skilled at their profession. I will definitely be bringing my taxes back this year!
I have always had a great experience with Colby Steckly, and have been working with Ida for a number of years. The work is always completed promptly, and all of my questions are always answered clearly, and quickly!
Great company to work with! Jennifer is very helpful.
Taxes have never been so easy. I am amazed every time I drop off my paper work. The ladies are a pleasure to deal with.
Great accountants !

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