Maria Almond is the Accounting Manager at Eleion Professional Group. Following her parents’ wishes, she pursued an engineering degree – but very quickly learned that it was not her calling. She immigrated to Canada in 2004 in pursuit of the Canadian dream. She received her accounting degree at NAIT in 2018 and was awarded with her CPA designation in January 2021.  With 6 years of public accounting experience, Maria’s favorite part of being an accountant is connecting with people – whether it’s training the junior staff or helping clients with their business needs!

Outside of work, Maria volunteers her time to mentor business students and provide them guidance and support as they navigate their way to becoming future CPAs. This is her way of giving back to the student community who came through for her when she was the one needing guidance.

When she is not busy assisting clients, Maria can be found binge-watching documentaries or working out with her husband Stu. She enjoys walking on the treadmill with her dog, Loki!

Fun fact:  according to her DNA test, Maria is 1% Irish!

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